Where are my keys?!

Did you know that the average adult human spends 12 to 32 minutes a week looking for his keys? There's a good chance that's highly inaccurate because I just made those numbers up, but the point is we waste precious moments of our lives looking for something that should be in the same place every single time we're ready to head out. So, instead of scratching your head in reflective frustration, pick up a Twelve14 Key Organizer, complete with 6 key hooks and a small cubby to stash all the time you save! 

I make these from 100% recycled wood from old pallets. The pallet slats are usually the perfect size, and come to life after some good sanding and oiling. Each one I make is unique in size and shape, but all begin with the same rough design. This one, made from white oak, has been keeping my keys organized for about two years now. Enjoy! 

This design uniquely created for candle maker, Kingsley Drive.